Where to Find the Perfect Cowboy Hat for CMA Fest

photo by Katie Larson

We’ve found a few places to shop if you are looking for a topper to finish your CMA Fest outfit. Whether you are going for the Lainey Wilson look or a traditional cowboy hat, these locally owned hat shops allow you to create your own look with personal customization options.

1Rustler Hat Co.

407 11th Avenue South, Nashville

This shop offers the full experience of hat customization with three options of hats to choose from – Australian wool and straw varieties. They also offer a line of hats with beaver and rabbit felt.

2American Paint Hat

L&L Market at 3820 Charlotte Ave (Suite 129), Nashville

Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne opened this spot. After choosing from the plethora of luxury hat styles at the store, patrons can customize their hat with a multitude of options, including vintage scarves, pins, feathers, leather bands or even branding with letters or logos.

3Planet Cowboy Hat Bar

2905 12th Avenue S, Nashville

The talented hat artisans can help you fit and design your very own signature hat. Choose from decorative options like bands, feathers, logos, initials, dates, flowers, pins, and much more. We have a large selection of hats in stock.


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