Self-Defense Claim Under Investigation in Wednesday’s Fatal Shooting at Oil Change Business


August 30, 2023 – No charges are being placed at present in Wednesday evening’s fatal shooting of a man at Valvoline Instant Oil Change, 1109 Bell Road, after that man opened fire and wounded an employee of the business.

The deceased is presumed to be a 33-year-old from Antioch. Due to him having IDs with different names, confirmation of his identity is pending.

The investigation shows that the deceased drove to Valvoline in a Chrysler 300 and requested air for one of his tires. He became agitated at the lack of immediate service, retrieved the air compressor hose, and began filling up his own tire. An employee of Valvoline, Terence Smith, 22, told the driver that he couldn’t do that and took back the air compressor hose. An argument ensued, resulting in the manager of the business, Brooklyn Key, 32, telling the man to leave.

The man punched Smith in the face and Smith pushed him. Key attempted to break up the altercation, but it continued to escalate. Key went to his vehicle in the parking lot and retrieved a pistol. When he walked back, Smith and the man were still fighting. Smith pushed the man into the driver’s seat of the Chrysler and walked away. The man then grabbed a pistol from the rear passenger floorboard, stood up behind the open driver’s door, and fired several rounds at Smith. Seeing this, Key fired a shot at the man, striking him in the head. He died at the scene.

Smith was wounded in the arm and hip. He was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

After the shooting, an as yet unidentified man came into the business, retrieved the deceased’s gun, and fled.

Key was interviewed at police headquarters and said he shot the man in self-defense. He was released following the interview.

This case will be staffed with the District Attorney’s Office at the completion of the investigation, which is being led by Detective Madison Meiss.

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