Live Music with Grafted Culture


Grafted Culture are two Dutch/American sisters, Gabriëlle and Michaëlle van Kleef. The ladies grew up in the typical Dutch lifestyle, riding bicycles everywhere and visiting all of the beautiful sights of Europe. They then moved to Papua New Guinea and spent 4 years visiting remote tribes and discovering the hidden treasures of the jungle.
It was then time to travel to the United States and experience their American Heritage. Gabriëlle and Michaëlle have always acquainted themselves with the local music of every culture that they have visited and their love for music has inspired them to create their own sound and incorporate the various styles that they admire from around the world.
They grew up dancing to the bamboo instruments played with old broken flip-flops at “Sing-Sings” in PNG, they sang with the cherished Dutch Folk songs of The Netherlands, stood entranced while surrounded by the whirring of the Aboriginals in Australia and it is all reflected in their music which is a mixture of Blues, Folk, Jazz, Celtic and World Culture.

Saturday, June 19 from 6 pm – 8:30 pm
Mt. Pleasant Grille

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