Jonathan Cilia Faro and Brad Stine to Bring ‘Spirit of America’ to Fisher Center


World-class tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro and the man New Yorker proclaimed as “God’s Comic,” Brad Stine, are bringing ‘Spirit Of America LIVE’ to The Fisher Center on Veteran’s Day Weekend, Sunday, November 12 at 7:00 PM. Offering a unique blend of classic and modern opera favorites and heartfelt comedy, Jonathan Cilia Faro and Brad Stine will entertain the audience like never before while paying homage to their unique pursuits of the American Dream. Jonathan, an Italian immigrant that’s trying to preserve why he came here, plans to inspire others to see a viable pathway to preserve freedom and liberty for all, just like our founding fathers. Remember it’s not red vs. blue – we are all red, white, and blue. Tickets for ‘Spirit Of America LIVE’ are on sale now! To purchase tickets, visit here.

Jonathan Cilia Faro, a distinguished world-renowned tenor, and best-selling Italian opera singer, arrived in America as an Italian immigrant with a deep desire to uphold the essence of his journey. His mesmerizing and incomparable crossover musical abilities have garnered worldwide acclaim, leaving audiences captivated like never before.

In a comedic and entertaining manner for over 20+ years, Brad Stine, known as God’s Comic, takes on the task of narrating history and revealing the profound significance of patriotism, which holds greater relevance in today’s world. Fearlessly inspiring and unapologetically bold, he advocates for the values of liberty, “e pluribus unum” (out of many – one), and the enduring belief in “In God We Trust” as cherished traditions that unite us all, regardless of our individual faiths. This approach has helped him make appearances on FOX, CNN, and numerous Christian broadcasts.

PLUS – this show will feature a special guest, Gary Chapman. Gary is an American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter and former television talk show host. He has been nominated for 5 Grammy awards and won numerous awards for his musical talent.

Their two-man act weaves story, comedy, and some of the most beloved songs ever sung! It’s the perfect event to bring your family, friends, and of course… veterans!


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