Jewelry Brand Hart Opens in Nashville

photo courtesy of Hart/Jesse Volk

Jewelry brand HART is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its newest store in Nashville, Tennessee. Doors officially opened on May 11.

This marks a significant milestone for the soul-boosting jewelry brand as it ventures beyond its home base in Charleston, SC to open its second permanent store.

Located in the heart of Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood, the new HART store offers the same luxurious quality, original designs, and unique brand experience that they are known for at their beloved destination in Charleston. With a focus on custom charm jewelry and on-the-spot assembly, customers can design their one-of-a-kind heirloom with soulful charms such as the Cosmic Cowgirl Charm, specifically designed with Nashville in mind. Signature ready-to-wear collections are available to layer along with custom pieces, such as a high-quality selection of colorful cords, beaded bracelets, and signature tassel earrings.

While the booming Music City is drawing in many brands who see a fruitful commerce opportunity, honing in on Nashville as home to HART’s first store outside of Charleston is not solely based on business, nor is it random. Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Hart Hagerty, attended Vanderbilt as an undergraduate where she majored in Chinese and Sociology. Hagerty adds: “we are incredibly excited to bring the essence of HART to the vibrant city of Nashville. Expanding beyond Charleston has been a dream of ours, and we believe Nashville’s vibrant culture and dynamic community make it the perfect fit for our brand. Having spent my formative college years in Nashville, opening a store here feels intentional, personal, and celebratory.”

“Our goal is to authentically weave our brand into the unique quilt of Nashville’s community and forge meaningful connections with our customers, locals and visitors alike” added Curry Uflacker, CEO. “Our goal is not only to provide exceptional, meaningful jewelry but also to create memorable experiences that resonate with each individual who walks through our doors.”

For a meaningful experience with large parties, HART offers a private event space and specializes in working with groups while still providing personalized experiences.

HART is located at 2309 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204.

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