Back to School and Back to Routine: It’s the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Regular Checkups for the Year Ahead

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Summer is the time we all let loose. We spend more time traveling, have more social engagements, and keep the kids entertained at the pool. As we start our back-to-school schedule, it’s a great time to plan ahead with wellness routines.

Our customers who have completed breast cancer treatment will be understandably relieved to move beyond that stage of care, but there are still many regular checkups recommended as part of your wellness routine. And our customers currently undergoing treatment can also benefit from scheduling ahead when possible.

Wellness Routine Schedule

Here are some examples of appointments you should make for the following year based on recommendations from the American Cancer Society:

  • Doctor visits: These visits typically occur every few months after finishing treatment. As time passes and you remain cancer-free, the appointments will be needed less frequently.
  • Mammograms: Depending on your type of cancer and any surgeries you’ve had, the frequency or necessity of mammograms will vary. Typically, mammograms will be encouraged every 6-12 months after radiation or surgery has occurred. Those appointments are then scheduled yearly in your wellness routine as you remain cancer-free.
  • Pelvic exams: Your doctor will likely recommend annual pelvic exams if you are taking certain medications. During these regular checkups, you can mention any changes you’ve noticed in your body, including your menstrual cycle or symptoms of menopause. While these might not be related to your breast cancer, some changes, such as spotting between periods, can be an initial sign of uterine cancer.
  • Bone density tests: Some hormone therapies prescribed for breast cancer treatment can affect bone health. Depending on your treatment plan, your doctor may want to schedule you for monitoring.
  • Bloodwork and imaging: While not recommended for most patients, bloodwork or imaging tests (such as x-rays or CT scans) might be needed. Discuss with your doctor if there are any screening tests you should schedule as part of your wellness routine.

Your plan during breast cancer treatment and after-care checkups depends on your type and stage of cancer. Conversations with your doctor about developing a schedule of regular checkups will help you keep track of the appointments you need and catch any early signs of cancer returning or changing. Learn more about possible follow-up wellness routines in the detailed list found here.

Schedule Your Fittings in Advance

As part of planning ahead, Pretty in Pink Boutique invites you to schedule your appointments for consultations and fittings in advance. Our expert staff provides individualized care, so appointments are required. Wherever you are in your breast cancer treatment journey, our Certified Mastectomy and Compression Fitters will take excellent care of you in selecting the right garments to feel comfortable.

Call us at 615-777-7465 or email us at [email protected] to get started with a private fitting.

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