10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh This Summer


Ahhh, summertime! Warm weather and fresh produce from the garden. However, they don’t exactly play well together. So, how do you keep from throwing that fresh produce out? Try these hacks y’all:

  • Greens- Stop the slime! Wrap fresh greens with a towel. OR, line your veggie side of the produce bin in your fridge with paper towels. The more absorbent the better!!
  • Avocados- Ripen on the counter. If you aren’t using the whole thing, squeeze a little lemon juice on it and wrap it in wax paper.
  • Don’t chill your tomatoes.
  • Potatoes- Keep your spuds from sprouting by tossing an apple in with them.
  • Don’t store apples with anything else but the above. It gives off a gas that will rapidly ripen most other fruits.
  • Water your celery- Simply put, store it with a lil water.
  • Berries- Cleanse in a 1/3 vinegar/water solution before refrigerating. If freezing see our tips here.
  • Store Mushrooms in paper bags to keep them from getting slimy.

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