Why to Hire Live Music Over a DJ


Hiring live performers over a DJ offers many outstanding benefits. From bringing energy and life to a gathering to taking music requests to delight guests, live music offers a very different atmosphere compared to a DJ.

Both performers and DJs help guide guests on what’s coming next and make special announcements when you need them. So they can serve as an emcee depending on the event and your preferences.

So why consider a live band when a DJ can pull up any song and fulfill any request? Here’s a look at the benefits you’ll experience with a live performer.

Live Music Benefits for Your Event or Party

As you plan your event or party, consider the atmosphere you want to create. Live music brings more excitement and energy to the gathering than a DJ does. Here are some benefits you’ll experience when booking live music.

1. Energy

Some DJs can excite audiences, but it still doesn’t bring the same energy and excitement to a party that live music can. That’s because live performers can adjust pieces to match the audience while DJs just play recorded music as-is. That means that live musicians can invite guests to repeat after them, clap to a rhythm, dance along, etc.

2. Music that Matches Your Tastes

Live musicians can create a set list that matches your tastes and the atmosphere you’re working to create. For organizations or individuals looking to create a specific party atmosphere, that even means putting a different spin on your favorite music. That can mean adjusting popular hits to be a bit slower to be a good fit for dinner. You’re in total control when hiring live musicians.

3. Interactivity

While DJs can certainly get people dancing, singing along or clapping to the beat, live musicians are even more effective at interactivity. As they perform, they’ll get your guests up and moving or engaging with them from their seats. It’s a fun way to get guests moving and have a great time.

4. Memorable Moments

Whether you’re planning a benefit dinner, wedding reception or private party, you want your guests to walk away remembering your event and talking about how fun it was. A live band can help make your event more memorable and noteworthy. That can mean good attendance in years to come for annual events or happy memories of a special day.

5. Live Music Can Set a More Elegant Tone

Another reason to choose live performers for your event is because it makes it feel more elegant. Live performances are somewhat rarer than DJs, making it noteworthy for invitations or marketing materials to entice attendance. If you’re planning a formal or black-tie event, this is a great way to set the tone by adding some sophistication.

Taking the Stress out of Booking Live Music for Your Next Event

Finding high-quality talent that matches your budget and venue constrictions is one reason why some people just move forward with a DJ for their event. Booking live musicians when you have minimal experience doing so might feel daunting.

Work with the best by contacting RAM Entertainment to help you find high-quality talent based on your budget, event date and venue resources. Since 1988, RAM has been partnering with individuals, party planners and organizations to create the ideal setting for various events. Get in touch to start the booking process.

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