White Castle Expands All-day menu with New French Toast Slider and Cheddar Cheese Rings

White Castle is excited to introduce its brand-new French Toast Slider.
White Castle is excited to introduce its brand-new French Toast Slider.

Aug. 28, 2023 – White Castle, America’s beloved fast-food restaurant and CPG brand, shaped an industry with its one-of-a-kind Original Slider®. Today’s White Castle restaurant menu features an array of delicious sliders, sides and more, all available any time of the day. No matter what you Crave or when you Crave it, White Castle is about to make your next meal even more memorable — introducing the all-new French Toast Slider and Cheddar Cheese Rings.

Breakfast lovers come to White Castle for its freshly cracked eggs, genuine Belgian waffles, crispy Hash Brown Nibblers, and perfectly prepared bacon and sausage. The newest addition to this anytime menu — the French Toast Slider — is sure to become an instant classic. Slider-sized slices of cinnamon swirl French toast bookend a freshly cracked egg, American cheese and the choice of savory sausage or hickory smoked bacon. The French Toast Slider is available for a limited time.

At White Castle, the ring is absolutely a thing. Now at the Castle, you can satisfy your cheesy Cravings with the new Cheddar Cheese Rings. Crispy on the outside and filled with creamy cheddar cheese, the shareable side is available in 3-piece, 5-piece and 10-piece orders. Starting at just $2.99 plus tax, this limited time offering will bring your Crave full circle!

Rounding out the news from the Castle is a Craver-favorite deal on the steamy, mouthwatering and famously shareable Cheese Sliders. For a limited time, customers can purchase 10 Sliders with their choice of American, cheddar or jalapeño cheese — or a mix of all three — for just $8.99 plus tax ($9.99 plus tax in New York and New Jersey).

Source: PRNewswire

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