Things to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Band


Wedding music helps set the tone for the ceremony and the reception. When booking a wedding band, you aren’t just hiring a musician. You’re hiring an entertainment team with a personality and style. Since the band can make or break your wedding experience, there are several considerations you want to evaluate before finalizing the booking.

Top Wedding Band Booking Considerations

As you seek out an ideal performer for your wedding, make sure you review these considerations before booking your wedding band.

1. Diversity of Music Styles

Weddings include a variety of guests, all with different backgrounds and musical interests. The most talented wedding bands spend hours preparing for weddings and building set lists that will delight the whole crowd.

The best bands can even take requests and do some songs on the fly without the hours of practice because they play based on having heard the song before. Ask to hear a variety of musical styles before you book a band to ensure you enjoy their renditions of popular hits.

2. Review Your Chosen Songs for Important Dances

Specialty music will require hiring the right band. So if you’ve always dreamed of a specific song being your first dance with your spouse, be sure your band can accomplish this. Or if your parent wants the perfect father-daughter dance to a song they sang to you as a little girl, ask whether the band can pull it off.

First dances are moments that you won’t get back. They are special and important to your closest loved ones.

3. Ask About Previous Wedding Emcee Experience

Your band isn’t just the live music for the celebration. Often, the lead singer also acts as an emcee to announce the wedding speeches or first dance. You want to know they can handle the job and keep your guests informed accordingly.

4. Read Reviews Carefully

As you read reviews, put yourself in the shoes of the bride and groom and their families. Consider whether the things they are praising apply to your wedding, if their criticism is valid or if they had unrealistic expectations for their wedding band.

While you go through reviews, also consider the style and personality the reviewers are describing. This will give you insights as to what you can expect for your wedding. Perhaps you see recurring genres that make it more evident what the band is most comfortable playing. Or you might learn more about the personality and energy they bring to the event. It’s not to say a talented performer can’t adjust to your needs accordingly, but you’ll get an idea of their natural inclinations and style.

6. Go Through an Expert Who Knows How to Vet Wedding Bands

During wedding planning, it might feel like you suddenly must become an expert in everything from fashion to décor. So when booking something as important as your wedding band, turn to the experts at RAM Entertainment.

RAM has been helping couples find the ideal wedding band for more than 35 years. The company represents only the most talented performers and helps you match your style and vision for the day with the best band.

Review their talent roster and wedding information and use the online form to gather more details about booking a wedding band through RAM.

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