Sage Wellness and Health Opens in Nashville: Holistic Wellness and Medical Weight Loss

photo courtesy of Sage Wellness & Health

Sage Wellness & Health (Sage), an innovative luxury medical clinic, has opened its doors in Nashville, introducing a revolutionary approach to holistic wellness and medical weight loss. Founded by Tina Modi and Brad Nelson, a duo passionate about helping individuals achieve lasting health and happiness. Sage redefines how people prioritize their well-being and transform their lives.

“Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, personalized approach to wellness that addresses the root causes of health issues and empowers individuals to make lasting changes,” said Tina Modi, co-founder of Sage. “By combining state-of-the-art technology, scientific data, expert guidance and a serene, supportive environment, we help our clients achieve remarkable results in all aspects of their wellness journey.”

Sage offers various services, including advanced body sculpting treatments, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, stress management, cutting-edge therapies and ground-breaking GLP-1 medication to assist clients. The medical clinic’s personalized approach brings together Shed, Fuel and Sculpt services by providing a well-rounded solution for those seeking to improve their health, boost their confidence and enhance their overall quality of life. The technology, machines and services are all designed to be inclusive and successful for all skin types and pigmentation.

“We believe that true wellness involves nurturing the body and mind,” said Brad Nelson, co-founder of Sage. “Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each client to develop a plan that addresses and assesses their physical and mental needs, ensuring they receive proven, trackable progress toward their goals.”

Investing in the latest, most effective technology, Sage researches and delivers top-notch devices for clients of all skin types. This includes the Physiq 360, the only clinic in Tennessee to offer this device and one of five businesses to carry it in the country. Sage also provides skin rejuvenation treatments such as Virtue RF and Tetra; the clinic is committed to providing inclusive, comfortable and highly effective solutions to a diverse client base. An important aspect of the business is to offer flexible membership options and financing solutions, making its services accessible to many individuals seeking to prioritize their health and happiness.

The clinic’s founders and staff are dedicated to positively impacting their clients’ lives, going above and beyond to deliver outstanding results and support. For more information about Sage Wellness & Health and its innovative approach to holistic wellness, please visit

Sage Wellness and Health is located at 2505 21st Ave S., Suite 202, Nashville, TN, 37212.

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