Prosthetics: An Alternative To Reconstruction


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Life after a mastectomy can be difficult and waiting on reconstruction may feel like an endless challenge. But prosthetics can help provide breast form and balance after this daunting procedure. And whether you’re looking to hold off on reconstruction, or not have it at all, prosthetics are a viable option for your health.

With options that allow you to slip them into your bra or bathing suit and appear as you did before surgery. There’s a welcome relief for many women, especially after losing a breast and making so many major decisions in the process.

Breast Prostheses Options

Breast prostheses are offered with a variety of options. Whether silicone gel, foam, or fiberfill interior. Some prostheses are weighted and some are not. No matter your needs, there’s a prosthetic out there for you.

Many prostheses are designed to slip into the pocket of a specially designed bra or camisole. Others come with adhesive patches that attach to the upper edge of your breast area, allowing you to go braless if you’d like.

Some options use magnets with one attaching to your skin with an adhesive patch and the other attached to the back of another prosthesis. The breast form snaps onto the magnet on your chest to stay in place. Prostheses that stay in place with adhesive or magnets don’t require special lingerie. The adhesive patches last about a week and must be replaced to continue attaching the prosthesis.

Breast Prostheses Materials

There are two main material types used for breast prostheses, and each may be right for you at different times and for different reasons.

Lightweight Prosthetics

A lightweight model, either polyfill or foam, is recommended when you’re recovering from surgery because it’s most comfortable. It also feels good during warm weather, while swimming and maybe machine-washed. Most lightweight breast prostheses can be worn in chlorinated or salt water.

Silicone Prosthetics

A silicone prosthesis may look more realistic and feel more natural to you for everyday wear. If you prefer to wear a prosthesis during sex, many women choose silicone prostheses because they have the most natural feel for their partner.

Two types of silicone prostheses are available: asymmetrical: designed only for either side or symmetrical/pear-shaped: these work on either side and may be worn sideways to fill out the side of your bra, or straight up for center fullness and cleavage.

Silicone prostheses may seem heavy compared to foam-filled models, especially for women with large breasts. But the balanced-weight silicone helps keep your shoulders even and your posture straight. These heavier prosthetics tend to cost a little more but last longer.

Saltwater, pool water, and hot tubs may damage the outer shell of silicone products, making them sticky. If you plan on being active in warmer weather or swimming more, a lightweight option may be a better fit.

With difficult decisions ahead, it may be comforting to know that you have options when it comes to a postoperative lifestyle. Whether you opt for reconstruction, or not, prosthetics are an option that can fit your lifestyle goals and give you renewed confidence in your day-to-day life.

For those recovering from mastectomy surgery, there are various types of breast forms available, each specifically designed for different lifestyles.

A private appointment with one of our Certified Mastectomy Fitters provides you with custom-fit options that match your body shape, the type of surgery you’ve had, and the needs of your lifestyle. Contact Pretty in Pink Boutique for more information today.

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