Prepping Your Skin for Fall

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Prepping Your Skin for Fall

Transitioning into different seasons is oftentimes very difficult for our skin. There will be unavoidable issues moving from summer into fall due to the amount of sun and high humidity exposure our skin has endured over the last few months. The result of this is generally dryness, rough skin texture, breakouts and sometimes even skin discoloration. As we move into the cooler weather of fall our skin will become dryer, tighter and is sometimes more easily irritated. Your skin will do its best to stay hydrated during this transition but it can definitely be a challenge to keep a healthy glow. Here, we’ve gathered our best tips to help you prepare your skin for fall and keep it healthy all season long.


After those humid summer months out in the sun, your skin is in need of cellular turnover. Cleanse your skin’s outermost layer by ridding it of dead skin cells and starting anew. Exfoliating our skin helps our beauty products to penetrate deeper, evens out skin tone, unclogs pores and stimulates collagen. This leaves skin looking smooth and radiant.


With the humidity and temperatures dropping your skin will be desperate for hydration. Ensuring you get enough water prevents dryness, improves your complexion and helps to prevent skin irritations such as eczema.


Facials carry more benefits than just a little indulgence in relaxation. They can provide a deep pore cleansing, help to remove dead skin cells and provide massages that stimulate collagen. Facials assist in removing fine lines and wrinkles while improving your skin’s overall texture.

Thick Moisturizers

The cold, dry air of fall and winter can cause some serious dryness. A thick moisturizer will not only intensely hydrate but also protect your skin from cool weather elements. Hydrated skin means less irritation, dryness and reduces blotchy appearances. Intensely hydrated skin also fights against premature aging and wrinkles.


Most of us think SPF is strictly for those summer sunshine rays but that isn’t the case. It’s true, UV radiation is more intense during the summer but you will still find it during cooler months. We recommend applying sunscreen twice a day with a minimum SPF 30.

Get Some Expert Advice

A Moment’s Peace provides a free consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians. During this consultation you will review your skin goals with our professionals and they will customize a skin care plan for you. This will include MedSpa and other services in addition to products they know and love for you to take home.If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or booking a service you can call or go online today to reserve your appointment.

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