Over 50 Animals Found Living in Severe Unsanitary Conditions in La Vergne

Animal Rescue Corps

Over 50 animals living in severe neglect were rescued by Animal Rescue Corps in La Vergne trailer on March 12, 2023.

Animal protection nonprofit, Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), responded to an urgent call after receiving a tip and coordination support from the SPCA of Tennessee.

Around 48 dogs and 5 cats were found at the home living in extreme unsanitary conditions. According to a release, many of the dogs were inhumanely caged and confined while living in toxic levels of ammonia fumes.

The dogs suffered from parasites, bite wounds from fighting and serious untreated conditions.

ARC said dogs were caged up to ten dogs in a single, small cage. One dog had been killed by other dogs in one of the over crowded cages.

The elderly property owners surrendered the animals. It is unclear if they will face charges.

The dogs and cats were taken to ARC’s Rescue Center to receive urgent medical, physical, and emotional care.

To donate to ARC to help these animals, visit here.



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