Nashville Smoke Depot Owner Arrested for Fencing Stolen Merchandise

Amir Safa Keriakes, 41
Amir Safa Keriakes, 41

A two-month investigation by Fraud/Pawn Unit detectives with the assistance of Kroger, CVS and Home Depot investigators resulted in today’s arrest of Amir Safa Keriakes, 41, owner of the Smoke Depot on Stewarts Ferry Pike, for fencing stolen merchandise.

Undercover detectives carried out five operations where they “sold” Keriakes more than $7,300 worth of goods that were clearly indicated as stolen retail products. Keriakes then resold some of those items for profit during two buy back operations.

Additionally, Keriakes would place verbal orders for cigarette products and alcohol that he wished to acquire in future purchases.

Keriakes is charged with money laundering and felony theft. He is being held on a $40,000 bond.


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