Nashville 19-Year-Old Charged in Separate Murder Cases

Jamonte Wellington, 19
Jamonte Wellington, 19

August 23, 2023 – Homicide Unit detectives tonight charged Jamonte Wellington, 19, with two counts of criminal homicide for fatal shootings in July and this month.

Ballistic science, an element of the MNPD’s precision policing core pillar, helped lead to the identification of Wellington as a suspect in the July 4 murder of Angel Troche, 23, in the 1600 block of Lebanon Pike, and the August 3 murder of Jose Rivera-Garcia, 35, on Peach Creek Crescent. Specialized Investigations Division detectives located and arrested Wellington today on University Court.

The investigations show that Troche was killed during an argument over a stolen gun, while Rivera-Garcia was killed during an attempted robbery.

Wellington implicated himself in the murders during an interview with detectives.

Wellington is also charged with felony aggravated assault for shooting at a man on Lake Chateau Drive in Hermitage on June 11. The victim saw a Dodge Challenger doing burnouts in a parking area and parked his vehicle in the Challenger’s exit path while he recorded the car’s actions with his phone. The driver of the Challenger maneuvered around the victim and stopped to pick up Wellington, who is alleged to have fired at least three shots at the man. He was not injured.

Source: Metro Police

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