Kid Koala will Have Three Night Residency at Oz Arts

photo by Corinne Merrell

DJ Kid Koala is coming to Nashville to play three nights at the OZ Arts, March 23-25.

The dates come in support of Kid Koala’s concert/film/puppet show/ all around live experience, the Storyville Mosquito. In these performances, Koala, alongside a team of 14 musicians, puppeteers, and filmmakers, create a fully realized movie, projected live on screen, in one take. The heartwarming story follows a young mosquito who moves from his home in the country to make it as a musician in the big city.

Three decades into an unparalleled career, Kid Koala continues to grow his immersive this-dimensional real-life cartoon musical universe with each orbit around the sun. The world renowned DJ, composer, and lifelong visual storyteller also known as Eric San recently announced his newest foray into the depths of “creating things to joyfully connect people” – an original double album soundtrack with built-in board game entitled Creatures Of The Late Afternoon. Centered around a cast of creatures who band together through the power of music to save their community from destruction, the album and the game together bear Kid Koala’s singular ability to bring to life the interactive worlds of his multifaceted multimedia imagination.

Find tickets here. 


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