First Watch Adds Pay-at-the-table Technology

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(March 14, 2024) – Paying at First Watch is now a “snap” thanks to new pay-at-the-table technology. The award-winning Daytime Dining concept partnered with Up ‘n go to unveil pay-at-the-table technology in its more than 420 corporate-owned restaurant locations.

“Everything we do is through the lens of bettering the in-restaurant experience for both our customers and our teams – and Up ‘n go’s pay-at-the-table technology does exactly that,” said Dan Jones, Chief Operations Officer at First Watch. “As customers opt to use this new option, congestion at the front – especially when we are on a wait – is reduced. Tech improvements like this help us serve even more demand without sacrificing any of the things people love about dining – and working – at First Watch.”

During a recent week, more than 125,000 First Watch customers elected to use the new feature. Assuming 30 seconds saved per transaction at the register, paying at the table saved more than 1,000 combined customer and employee hours.

“The benefits for both customers and employees are undeniable,” said Rob Conti, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at First Watch. “Up ‘n go’s payment flow is incredibly user-friendly and reliable, thanks to direct integration with our NCR Aloha POS.”

Without downloading an app or creating an account, customers can now simply scan a QR code on their check to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card. The check can be paid in full or easily split.

“Up ’n go dramatically enhances an often overlooked, but extremely important part of the dining experience, which is paying the check,” said Up ’n go CEO Touradj Barman. “Customers want to save time and split checks fairly. Up ’n go helps guests walk out of the restaurant feeling happy, and more likely to recommend the restaurant and return. Up ’n go also makes staff more efficient and helps restaurants serve more covers in less time.”

Up ‘n go is a leading provider of pay-by-phone technology solutions for the restaurant industry.

Source: First Watch
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