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With the school year back in session, you may have noticed your child struggling with certain topics or types of assignments. Fortunately, we are still in the first few weeks, and there is plenty of opportunity to get your student on the right track! Learning Lab offers one-on-one tutoring in both virtual and in-person settings (Brentwood and Nashville). Learn more.

In addition to considering tutoring options, try implementing some of these back-to-school tips and tricks as your child settles into the new school year.

Back-to-School Study Tips

  • Change your setting. While the kitchen table or a dedicated desk for homework is often preferred by parents, studies suggest that a change of scenery can help students better retain information. Mix up the study sessions with libraries, parks and other locations.
  • Take small bites. Writing a large research paper or thoroughly studying for a midterm exam simply can’t be done in one sitting. Take big tasks and break them out into smaller, manageable chunks.
  • Block study time. Work with your student to develop “study hours” after school. The routine of studying from, say, 4:30-6:00 p.m., helps establish expectations and ensure that work gets done.
  • Build relationships. For older students, especially, having at least one friend in each class can help make studying more effective and more fun.
  • Block the noise. Put the phone away when studying. Use app/website blockers on the computer or phone for set periods of time to prevent distraction.

Non-Study Prep Tips

Much of the study and learning process is influenced by external behaviors and habits. Good sleep, diet, and exercise, for example, can significantly affect a student’s ability to learn and perform well in the classroom. Here are some additional back-to-school tips that can help your student do his or her best this school year.

  • Sleep health. Have a set bedtime. Set an alarm or notification for at least 30 minutes before bed to indicate wind-down time (no screens).
  • Adjust your clocks. Move clocks up by about 10 minutes to make it easier for kids (and parents!) to be on time to school.
  • Develop a checklist. Create a morning checklist (shower, breakfast, brush teeth, grab lunch, pack backpack, etc.) to keep kids focused and ready for a successful day ahead.

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