2021 Fall Hair Trends to Watch

Fall Hair Trends 2021

Fall brings cooler weather, a final end to that frizz in your hair and pumpkin-spiced everything! Among the many advantages of the fall season? The latest hair trends. We have curated the top trends to watch for hair cuts and colors this 2021 season. “Autumn is the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful” – so which ones are you exciting about trying to switch up your look?

Hair Cuts

Feathered Layers

The iconic 1970s style is coming back with brazen passion. Farrah Fawcett made this one of the most copied looks after she debuted it on the “Charlie’s Angels” television series. Feathered hair is created by layering hair with a part usually down the middle. Feathering is different from layering as it is a texturizing technique that shapes the end of your tresses as opposed to laying which creates variable-length throughout your hair. The result of feathering gives you light, wispy hair ends that reduce bulk.

‘90s Inspired Bobs

A sleek ‘90s inspired bob has been gaining traction for a couple of years now and is prepping for take-off this Fall. A versatile cut that looks great with any hair color or texture and provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to the desired length. Wear it short or long, feathered out or slicked back – this hairstyle can easily be dressed up or down for any social setting.


The shag cut combines the feathered look and the classic layering look of The Rachel by created layers that are feathered out at the ends. The layers create an illusion of fullness around the crown bringing it out to thinner fringes around the edges. It looks great at any length and accommodates to curly or straight hair.


You read that right, mullets. Mullets are synonymous with Billy Ray Cyrus and will forever be. The modern mullet for women provides a softer look and has been seen everywhere from the school hallways to the red carpet this year. You can glam it up with a slicked-down look or keep it short by fusing it with a pixie cut. The mullet is versatile depending on how you style it.

Hair Colors


A flawless blend of blonde and brown, this look helps you to go dark without losing that bright feel of traditional blonde and maintaining that warm look. This option can come in all-over color, highlights or varying levels of shade.


Red is also on the list for Fall 2021 trends. Reds are inspired by the scenery around us as nature transitions from summer to winter. From bold, bright reds to coppery warm red hues, there is something for everyone on the red hair color scale. Which red colors inspire you?

White Highlights

White highlights are becoming all the rage this year. White highlights against a cool, darker base will not only pop but add beautiful contrast to your locks. It helps to usher in the cooler season with those cooler tones. This is a great way to blend already natural white hair and also a great way to hop on the white hair color trend that has continued to grow in popularity among the rising generation.

Caramel Highlights

This multidimensional shade is easy to pull off and brings a warm essence to your look. It has a natural appearance and can be done in a variety of shades

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