Metro Action Secures Funding to Resume Help to Residents with Paying Rent

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Last week the Metropolitan Action Commission (MAC) announced that it had run out of all emergency assistance funding. However, MAC continued to work on ways to identify any funding that could be used to help residents given that other community programs are out or running low on funding as well.

Metro Action will now restructure funds from other parts of the agency so that it can resume the assistance programs. Restructuring existing funding allows Metro Action to resume processing applications immediately.

Funds will be pulled from non-direct program funding to resume helping residents with emergencies such as help with rent and mortgages. These funds, which would have been used for building upkeep and repairs, supplies, emergency operations, expansion of data collection and reporting systems, and other organization priorities, will now be used for emergency help.

Also included are applicants already approved through its HOPE program that remain in their dwellings. MAC’s HOPE program administered the emergency rental assistance funded by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for renters impacted by COVID who still owe multiple payments for past due rent.

The funds will also prioritize individuals with HOPE applicants currently in the courts.

The agency’s emergency assistance program provides one-time assistance with rental and mortgage payments along with rental and utility deposits for individuals coming out of homelessness, property tax assistance for seniors and prescription assistance for applicants unable to afford medicines and nutritional supplements.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to find a way to address this urgent need in our city through a short-term solution, but we are grateful for and confident of support from city leaders and our community partners to find a long-term solution to the increased demand for services,” said Dr. Cynthia Croom, Metro Action Executive Director.

The agency expects to assist an additional 700 residents with the reallocated funding.

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