Investigation Continues into the Fatal Shooting of a German Shepherd Dog in Percy Warner Park


September 25, 2023 – The investigation into the September 13, 2023, fatal shooting of a six-year-old male German Shepherd dog in Percy Warner Park remains open and active.

In addition to the on-scene investigation on September 13 and interviews with the dog’s owner, shooter, and witnesses, MNPD personnel and members of the District Attorney’s Office met at the park steps near Belle Meade Boulevard and Page Road last Thursday so that all parties could collectively review the landscape of where the shooting took place.

On the day of the incident, reporting officers were told that the 31-year-old man shot the dog after it ran toward him and was approximately three feet away from him. The man told officers that he felt the dog was about to attack him. The 61-year-old owner of the German Shepherd said it was off leash, but was wearing a shock collar. He said the dog was about 20 feet away from him when it saw a squirrel and took off. He said he pushed the button to activate the shock collar, but the dog kept running. The owner told officers the dog was not aggressive. The shooter’s semi-automatic pistol was seized as evidence as part of the investigation.

Decisions concerning the resolution of this investigation are pending a full review of the case facts by the District Attorney’s Office.

Source: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department


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