3rd Annual Mind Body Magic Festival Takes Place at OneC1TY

Mind Body Magic Festival

The Mind Body Magic Festival takes place on October 30th from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at OneC1TY, 8 City Boulevard Nashville, TN 37203, and features community yoga, food, live music, and more!

The Mind Body Magic Festival is an annual event that seeks to bring the best of Nashville’s wellness scene together to spark inspiration, well-being, and education throughout the city hosted by TRILUNA Wellness + oneC1TY!

Three pillars hold up this festival: social justice and activism, realistic wellness that is free of diet-culture and full of magic, and community care rooted in mutual respect and grounded in love. You’ll see vendors with businesses ranging from cotton candy to meditation. You’ll learn more about everything from mental health to community activism. You’ll move, celebrate, grow, connect, and eat!

Visit https://www.mindbodymagicfestival.com/ for more information.

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